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Artefacts, the pursuit of aether

2.998 x 10^8 m/s

An Artefact is an artificial product or effect observed in a natural system, especially one introduced by the technology used in scientific investigation or by experimental error.

I have constructed a simple ‘scanning back camera’, utilizing parts from an old flatbed scanner, and a single element from a discarded lens.

An image is formed through the rudimentary lens and focused on the scan plane. During a scan (which is painfully slow), Photons reflecting off objects arrive in waves. The linear scan head picks up one line of photons, where the subsequent line of photons, recorded by the CCD as it travels across the focal plane, is very slightly ‘older’ than its predecessor.

One line after another, and an indirect record of time passing, or simply of moments, can be captured in a single image. And, between each line/time/ moment of image is always a state of potential, the potential for Photons to strike the sensor and the potential for the sensor to pass right before the strike; here can one trace the nuances of Time and Space, the ‘middle state’, right after transmission and before impression?

To further this concept, I have been exploring the ephemeral essence of the latent image (the invisible impression upon the silver gelatin). With extreme over-exposure, latents can be made visible, fixed and toned (but never developed in any traditional sense).

Alternatively, a latent can be allowed to live with perpetual exposure...the result, again time.