Four photo-frescos, previously exhibited in Americans All!, at the Gilcrease Museum of American Art, (framed by Mr. Gary Sweeney and Mr. Sam Franklin)

On August 4th of 2020, an explosion devastated a large portion of Beirut, the city of my formative years, where I enjoyed walks to the gardens with my Grandfather and afternoon cakes at the cafe with my cousins.  I spent summers of my adult life navigating the congestion, the traffic, the noise and commotion, but also the warm smiles of the shaworma vendors.  I enjoyed a spring with my son, strolling paths I strolled in my childhood.

I have left half my heart in my city, and I feel a tight squeeze when I think of what remains, or what’s no longer there.

I have also felt helpless, with few resources to contribute toward restoration and assistance to those families whose lives were impacted by the disaster.

I have chosen to use my artwork, once installed at the Gilcrease Museum of American Art, in the exhibition Americans All!, and representing my immigration and immigrant experiences, as a means to contribute toward restoration and to bring to full circle where my world has left me and what is left of my world.  

All works were offered for sale, through the generosity of the Gilcrease Museum, and 100% of the proceeds were directed toward reconstruction, and restoration of livelihoods.  I am also grateful for the generosity of Mr. Gary Sweeney, in offering to build and to donate the beautiful, hand-crafted frames.

Mazen Abufadil